Top quality cricket padel tennis ball

Padel tennis ball

DURABILITY – Extremely durable woven felt surface. Higher wool concentration provides 

extended durability. Designed for players who are looking for extra endurance.

CONTROL – Natural rubber core and and high quality surface provide great control. 

Suitable for players on all levels allowing them to pull of all types of plays.

PERFORMANCE – padel balls provide persistent bounce,

steady flight and have instinctive sensation when hit

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Type padel tennis ball
Material Domestic wool felt and imported natural rubber
Packing 3pcs/pp bag or custom
Rebound from 2.54m 130-140cm


Top quality cricket padel tennis ball

Product Type Padel balls
Material Domestic wool felt and imported natural rubber
Weight 65g
Diameter 66.7-68mm
Rebound 130-140cm
logo Customized
Suitable for Training

* High visibility (HV) felt from Playne's woven cloth
* World Padel Tour Quality Ball
* HEAD Pro/Pros Ball



What Is The Difference Between A Padel Ball VS Tennis Ball?

Tennis balls and padel balls effectively differ only in terms of their internal pressure when new. That being 14psi for new tennis balls versus 11psi for new padel balls. They are made from the same materials, in the same ratio, by the same manufacturers.


1. More Similarities Than Differences

What holds true for the comparison between tennis and padel balls is so similar to most other things that are related on some level.The regulations for tournament legal tennis balls are determined by the ITF while the WPT is responsible for the regulations governing padel balls.

2. Diameter Difference

A tennis ball must have a diameter of between 6.54cm and 6.86cm.

The diameter of a padel ball needs to be between 6.35cm and 6.77cm.

3. Weight Difference

A tennis ball is required to weigh between 56.0 grams and 59.4 grams.

The weight of a padel ball must be between 56.0 grams and 59.4 grams.

4. Internal Pressure Difference

The ITF requires new tennis balls to have an internal pressure of 14psi (8.165kg per 2.54 square cm) when the seal is broken on the cannister during tournament play.

The padel ball must have an internal pressure of between 10psi and 11psi (4.6 Kg and 5.2 Kg per 2.54 square cm)

5. Bounce Height Test Difference

A “tournament legal” tennis ball needs to be able to bounce between 135cm and 147cm when dropped from a height of 254cm.

The “tournament legal” padel ball needs to be able to bounce between 135cm and 145cm when dropped from a height of 254cm










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